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Evaluation on Application of i-Tree Model in Urban Forest Quantification
1.浙江农林大学风景园林与建筑学院,浙江杭州311300;2. 不列颠哥伦比亚大学温哥华 V6T 1Z4
QIU Wen-wan1ZHANG Min-xia12BAO Qin-xing12
1.Collegeof Landscape Architecture, Zhejiang A&F University,hangzhou 311300, China;2. The University of British Columbia, V6T 1Z4, Canada
i-Tree model urban forest landscape performance application evaluation
i-Tree model was releasedbythe US Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service in 2006, and has been widely used to quantify ecosystem services and benefit values of urban forest. The application of i-Tree model was evaluated in terms of landscape planning, landscape evaluation, comparisons of different models and public participation by VOSviewerof i-Tree related Chinese and English literatures, combined with manual review. Further development and application of i-Tree model were prospected. It is proposed that i-Tree model could beoptimized from the perspectives of moreinternational applications, improving quantitative accuracy, and increasing the types of evaluation indicators.


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